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Our Vision

Zamindara Farmsolutions was incorporated with the aim of helping small and marginal farmers by bringing mechanisation into farmers. The company is constantly evolving to cater to the needs of the agriculture sector. At Zamindara Farmsolutions, we understand that farmers with small land holdings are often unable to purchase farming equipment because of lack of economic viability. The PAY FOR USE model is a unique initiative which has been designed to allow farmers to rent latest agricultural machinery at minimal cost. Our vision is to have maximum outreach through our upcoming mobile app and e-commerce portal. We believe that every aspect of agriculture is linked to the other. Hence, we are committed to finding solutions for effective residue management. Our work in the District Fazilka has already lead to tremendous reduction in the practice of residue burning. We envision an agricultural sector which is progressive and where farmers have access to latest technology. Our “Chalak Bane Malak” program is an earnest effort to support farmers, reduce input costs, give access to eco friendly technology and minimise agricultural losses
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